My Little Universe is a midcore resource collection game that sees you wandering around planets with your trusty axes, hacking down rock formations and trees to unlock new areas and gain more power. It’s fun, in a simple way, but there are some tricks you need to learn if you want to get the most out of the game. 

Which is why we’ve written this guide. We’ve played a decent amount of My Little Universe and discovered the strategies you need to make sure you’re really putting your stamp on your corner of the cosmos. 

Follow these suggestions and you’ll be getting the most resources and unlocking all the secrets in no time flat. Here are the very best hints, tips and cheats for My Little Universe.

Cut smart

You should always try to be cutting more than one thing at once. Don’t stand at the edge of a forest or rocky outcrop, position yourself in the center so you can slice as many things as possible with one swing of your chopper. Cut smart and you’ll get resources much faster. 

Watch out for enemies

Enemies crop up from time to time, either when you unlock new pieces of land or spawning randomly. Keep an eye out for them and don’t let them get the jump on you. Get in first and attack and you should be able to take them down without any problem. 

Look out for video boosts

Video boosts show up as pillars of light on the map. When you spot one, it’s worth using it. It’ll get you a whole bunch of resources quicker than hacking away at the ground, and can often speed up acquiring an upgrade or unlocking a new machine. 

You’ll drop in the white squares

Be careful of the white squares. Walking through them will see you start dropping resources, which is fine for the most part but can be annoying if you’re focusing on a specific project. If you don’t want to drop, make sure you give the other white squares a wide berth. 

Always be upgrading

Upgrading your tools help you in every aspect of the game, whether it’s gathering resources or taking down foes. Use the upgrade machines to increase your power and you’ll find things get much easier. It can be a bit of a grind, but it’s well worth the effort. 

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