Moncage is a game that literally plays around with perspective. You’re looking into a cube, and each facet of it shows a different scene. You need to change the angle of your gaze to connect objects and move things forwards. It’s smart, it’s sometimes a little fiddly, and it’s a lot of fun. 

The controls here are simple. You swipe to look around the cube, tap to interact, and press on the screen with two fingers to see the things you can interact with. A double tap zooms you back out if you’re focused on an item. Anyone who’s used a phone is going to understand what they need to do.

Things start off reasonably easy, connecting obvious items to open gates and slide bridges, but before long things get a good deal more tricky. As more sides of the cube change to different scenes, there are more angles of possible connection to take into consideration. 

Sometimes you’ll need to snap together parts of three different sides, completing an image or a structure in order to solve the challenge and change one of the scenes. It’s interesting watching the interplay, and realising how the different images connect in more ways than one. 

When things get tricky – and they will – there’s a layered hint system that first nudges, then prods, then guides you through anything you’re having difficulty with. Some of the puzzles here don’t quite work the same as others, and it can lead to a bit of frustration, even with the hints. 

Still, Moncage is an interesting, experimental adventure with more than enough going for it to make it an easy recommendation. It’s tough, but for the most part fair, and the way it makes you think around its challenges is admirable. If you’re looking for a bright, engaging and challenging puzzle adventure, it’s well worth checking out. 

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