Crazy Defense Heroes is a bold example of where free-to-play gaming is headed. 

Animoca Brands’ acclaimed tower defense title features a series of monthly play-to-earn events where the prize is not gems or gold but TOWER tokens, an ERC-20 fungible utility token created to empower players (that’s you!). 

It’s simpler than it sounds. Animoca Brands has essentially created a prize pool of tokens that allow you vote on proposals for future tower defense games updates, unlock modes in a mysterious forthcoming blockchain game, and buy NFTs – digital items that can’t be altered. And the pool for November and December has been announced. 

Before we get into the nitty gritty of how the events work, here’s a little recap on Crazy Defense Heroes’s gameplay.

Your goal is to place towers and deploy skills in order to repel waves of fantastical monstrosities, including minotaurs, skeletons, and dragons. 

The game, which has a colorful, retro-tinged art style and a cast of cuddly characters, features more than 400 different Tower, Hero, Equipment, and Spell cards to collect and then combine. There are over a thousand levels, too, as well as boss fights, raids, and weekly challenges.

There’s also a fully featured clan system that lets you chat with other players, share material, and complete Clan Quests for shared rewards. 

But your clan mates are your rivals when it comes to the new play-to-earn events. That’s because you’re playing for a prize pool, and the more of your fellow players fail to get on the board, the more TOWER tokens you’ll get to keep for yourself. 

There are 1,200,000 tokens in the prize pool for November and December (see the Medium article about it here), and to claim your portion of this generous pot you need to gain no less than 315,000 Avatar XP before the month is out. That equates to several Avatar Levels, and this handy wiki will let you know exactly where you need to get from where you started. 

If you manage to meet the requirements, you’ll be the proud owner of a blockchain-based asset.

Head to the Google Play Store or the App Store by clicking here to download Crazy Defense Heroes and get started.