A fair few accessories have been released for the Switch – obviously. We’ll sporadically be updating this piece with the latest kit we’ve tested out – the latest at the top.

Gamesir T4 Mini [On AliExpress here]

The T4 Mini is a small but surprisingly capable controller. It’s not quite as ergonomically pleasing as the Pro controller – what is – but is far smaller, making it a viable alternative to using the Joy-Cons when travelling.

It’s also surprisingly well featured for the price. It can be used on iOS and Android smartphones as well as the Switch for example, has an auto-sleep function, turbo button options, and – most eye-catching of all – a transparent casing with multicoloured backlighting. Yes the latter is purely a gimmick, but it’s a very welcome one. This is a controller worth investigating if you’re in the market for a smaller sized budget option.

WX4 Wireless Premium Edition [On Argos here]

This is a budget controller, but not a bad one. It’s under a third of the price of an official Pro Controller, and you can feel the step down in quality if you compare it to that – the plastic doesn’t feel as comfortable in your hands, and the buttons aren’t quite as satisfying to use/press.

It’s a tad awkward to initially sync up, but works fine once that’s sorted. And ultimately comparisons to the Pro Controller are a little harsh considering the huge price difference. It’s well worth a look if you’re on a budget, and is still going strong after a month’s consistent use here in the Gamezebo office.

Snakebyte Dual Charge: Base S [On Snakebyte site here]

The Base S is the big accessory here – and we mean big. It’s a sizeable beast that allows you to charge your Pro Controller and two joy-cons. There’s also room for the Switch docking station itself alongside 10 Switch-play covers. It holds everything snugly and doesn’t feel cheap considering the price.

There’s no getting away from the fact that this isn’t the prettiest accessory that we’ve ever seen though. If you can (literally) look past that then this is a solid piece of kit.

Snakeybyte Arrow: Charge S [On Snakebyte site here]

Slightly smaller is the Arrow: Charge S, which looks to hold and charge just one pro controller and four joy-cons. It has 5 LED charge indicators coloured red and green, and we had no issues in setting it up.

Again it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing device, but it certainly beats having your spare joycons lying around and falling down the side of the sofa. For those who regularly play six-player games this is an accessory worth considering, especially at its reasonable price-point.

Snakebyte Ring: Kit S [On Snakebyte site here]

This is a replacement for the leg strap used in Ring Fit Adventure. Although it doesn’t feel quite as high quality as the real deal – at least in terms of the materials used – we encountered no issues with it after extensive use over a two week period.

It is perhaps a little pricey, but if your official strap has broken this is almost certainly your best option.