Epic Seven, the highly acclaimed hero-collecting RPG from Smilegate Megaport, is heading into its third anniversary. The big day is November 8th, and there will be rewards and content aplenty for fans of the game. 

For the uninitiated, Epic Seven is one of the boldest and best-looking gacha games of the last decade.

Plot-wise, it all starts when Diche, the waning Goddess of Life, gives shape to the Guardians of the wartorn 7th World before her power drains entirely. “My children,” she says, “I entrust this world to you”. It’s heavy stuff. 

Epic Seven is set in a richly drawn fantasy world that’s trapped in a cycle of destruction and rebirth, owing to the ferocious battles that are constantly raging. The only way to break the cycle is to defeat the archdemon, and that’s your ultimate goal. 

How? By summoning, upgrading, and commanding a colorful cast of heroes in battle of course. 

That may sound like a familiar set-up, but Epic Seven approaches the genre in a clever new way by allowing you to skip all the tedious chores present in most gacha-RPGs and to concentrate instead on PvP tactics and your overall strategy. 

The combat is deceptively sophisticated, too. Epic Seven may look like a turn-based battler, but there’s a ton of strategies available to the wily commander. You can take multiple turns, take enemy turns, shake up the turn order, and more. Your options are determined by the customization choices you make. 

And then, of course, there’s the gorgeous presentation. Epic Seven is the closest you can get to playing an anime, thanks to an authentic 2D look, imaginative character designs, and bone-shaking skill animations. 

Throughout the November 8th Global Anniversary celebrations you’ll be able to enjoy a ton of special content and claim heaps of rewards. Plus, there’s going to be a celebration stream on the game’s Twitch and YouTube channels, so make sure you tune in for those. These events include:

  • Days of Brilliance, A 7-Day Check-In Event: running from the 4th of November to the 2nd of December, where you can receive a continuous attendance reward of 80 Energy just for showing up.
  • Days of Brilliance, 70 Free Covenant Summon Event: Running across most of November  you’ll be allowed 10 free covenant summons for 7 days during the event period.
  • Days of Brilliance, Weekend Buff & Free Unequip Event: During this event a weekend buff is applied, and you can unequip Equipment/Artifacts at no cost.  

You can download Epic Seven for free right now on the App Store and the Google Play Store. Full details on the events and rewards can be found here too.