ATM Rush is a game about collecting as much money as you can. It’s also got a twist – you can bank your gains, or increase their value and put them at risk. It’s an interesting idea, and it makes for a more challenging game than you might imagine. 

And because of that challenge, we decided to write this guide. It’s packed full of all the strategies we’ve discovered during our time playing ATM Rush. If you follow these suggestions you’re going to see your coffers shooting up. 

It doesn’t matter if this is your first time trying to grab some cash or you’ve already built up a healthy bank balance, you’re going to find something here to help you out. With that in mind, let’s get on with it – here are the best hints, tips and cheats for ATM Rush. 

Should you bank?

It’s a good question. When you see an ATM, you’ll also see a gate that converts your cash. Converting your cash doubles its value, and passing through multiple gates stacks that doubling. A good rule of thumb is to bank on the third ATM you see – usually there won’t be another one before you get to the end and it’d be a shame to lose everything you’ve earned with a silly mistake. By all means take the risk if you’re feeling up to it, though.  

You don’t need to collect with the end of your stack

If you touch a bundle of cash with any part of your stack, you’re going to collect it – you don’t have to worry about poking it with the end to pick it up. Use this to your advantage to collect stray bundles you might have missed, and to avoid putting your stack in danger when it’s getting close to an obstacle.

Move early

It’s important to move early, especially when you’ve got a long stack of cash – leave it too late and your stack won’t have time to dodge out of the way before it hits those spikes and you’re going to lose a bunch of it. Sure, you can pick it up again, but then you’re putting the rest of your score at risk. Play smart and move early. 

Keep an eye on what’s ahead

With that in mind, you always need to be checking what’s ahead of you on the track. Where are the obstacles and how are they going to stop you? Is there an ATM and a gate coming up? What are you going to do when you get there? Always think about what you’re going to do next to protect your cash. 

What’s the cash for?

Well, right now it’s for nothing. There’s a shop in the top right of the screen at the start of every level, but it’s not actually working. That means there’s no point watching videos to increase your haul, since you’ve literally got nothing to spend it on. 

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