Online gaming is great, but nothing beats the primal joy of sitting on a sofa with your friends and playing a multiplayer game together on a single screen. 

D-Corp is the latest title to showcase the infinite glory of local multiplayer. It’s a bit like Overcooked, the time management classic from Team17, but with a memorable and colorful cast of customizable robots. They’re collecting resources to battle against the titular D-Corp – a galactic corporation that is exploiting the featured alien planet.

So the aim of the game is to “fulfil the corporate dreams of your brainy boss” by running around the screen maintaining a battery of turrets (the company CEO’s dialogue mocking corporate capitalism raised a chuckle with us too).

In any case these turrets fire automatically, but you need to keep them going by reloading them, carrying out repairs, and redeploying them to deal with the evolving threat posed by a constant procession of walking cacti. 

There’s quite a lot of scope for tactics, as you need to ensure your turrets are optimally placed at any given moment. But there’s no time for mulling your masterplan. D-Corp is a frantic experience where you’re always on the verge of being overwhelmed. 

Not only do you need to keep your turrets operational, but you need to harvest natural resources and carry scrap to your recycler. At times you’ll be forced to hurl ammo across the screen to reload a turret, because you don’t have time for anything else. 

There are also dozens of shiny hats to unlock and wear, and you can throw your fellow players into a deadly acid pool for a bit of light relief. 

D-Corp is developed by Frogsong Studios, a crack team of game designers whose credits include the Little Nightmares series, Stick Fight: The Game, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, and more. 

For our money, D-Corp looks like Frogsong’s most polished original IP, and an absolute no-brainer for anyone looking for some local multiplayer thrills. 

You can play D-Corp right now on Steam