Disney Wonderful Worlds is a shiny, well put-together match-stuff puzzler that’s dripping with Disney gloss. Mechanically? Well, it’s absolutely fine. If you like free to play match-’em-ups then you’re going to enjoy everything the game has to offer. 

The game is split between puzzles and park building. The special coins you earn from completing puzzles can be spent on adding new rides to your park. The more of your park you build, the more you unlock. It’s a simple progression system though, rather than anything with an air of choice or design. 

The puzzles themselves are pretty standard. You’ve got a set amount of moves to complete your goals. You might need to clear a certain number of a particular shape or get rid of some obstacles by matching near them. 

Different combinations of matches drop special tiles onto the board that you can use to clear big chunks in one fell swoop. There are bombs, rockets and firecrackers and you’ll need to use them all if you want to win. 

There are various other layers to the game as well, like characters who drop bonuses, special moves and boosts you can use when you’re in a tricky situation and more. It’s all pretty simple and very familiar. 

If you’re expecting a game that reinvents the match-stuff genre, then you’re going to be disappointed with Disney Wonderful Worlds, but let’s be honest, that’s not what you’re here for. You’re here for a game with bright colors and short gameplay that you can poke at for a while and then go and do something else. 

Disney Wonderful Worlds absolutely nails what it sets out to do. It’s a plastic gewgaw, a throwaway toy, something to prod for a few minutes without having to consider or delve deeper. This is a saccharine dollop of rainbow nonsense, which is exactly what you expected it to be. 

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