When you get a bit deeper into Pokemon Unite and start taking on the ranked games, you’re going to want to think about the make up of your team. You can’t just pick any character and jump in and imagine things are going to go well against a well prepared team. 

That’s why we’ve written this guide. It’s made up of everything you should be thinking about when you’re building your team. It’s going to require communication to get things right, but talking to your teammates is key to winning in Pokemon Unite. 

Make sure you check out our Pokemon Unite tier list, our breakdown of the best builds for every character and our list of every item in the game while you’re here. Building the perfect team is the best way to win, so let’s get on with it. 

Think about composition

The best team in Pokemon Unite is one where each Pokemon covers another’s weaknesses. A good idea is to focus on having one tank, one support, two damage dealers and a jungler. Make sure each player knows and sticks to their roles, and you’ll be in with a shout. 

Support your lanes

You need to make sure you’ve got complementary characters in the top and bottom lanes. Your damage dealers should take one lane each. A tank with good crowd control is an excellent support for a ranged damage dealer, and a melee support is going to help out a melee damage dealer.

Make sure you don’t focus on melee

It’s difficult to get a strong foothold in the game if you’re only focusing on getting up close and personal with your opponents. Make sure you’re always taking at least one ranged character into the fray and you’ll be surprised how the extra balancing helps you out of tricky situations. 

Don’t use too many three evolution Pokemon

Some Pokemon have three evolution stages, which can make them pretty weak in the early stages of a fight. Try not to have more than a couple of these on your team – you’ll find yourself taking a beating in the early game that you might not be able to come back from in the late game. 

Send Greninja to the jungle

Right now Greninja is the best jungler in the game. The jungle is the central part of the map between the two lanes. Greninja can farm XP, do massive damage to the opposing jungler and gank, or help out, when the top or bottom lane teams are engaged in a fight. Greninja is a powerhouse, so try to make sure you’ve got one on your team.

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