Did you know there’s a virtual universe that exists alongside our own? It’s right here, with the same streets, roads, and alleyways, and you can explore it with an ingenious new app created by a shadowy corporation called Geo Corp. 

That’s the concept behind Geo Scavengers, from developer Aperico Software. Like Pokemon GO, it sees you getting up from your couch and exploring the world around you, competing and trading with other players in the process. 

Geo Scavengers starts you off with a map of your local environment and a few futuristic tools for finding caches, analysing their contents, and looting them. 

These caches contain materials for crafting new modules for your equipment, in turn letting you loot even more stuff. They also contain keys for opening certain color-coded higher-tier caches, and map fragments. Put enough of these together and you’ll have a full map, showing you where to find ultra-valuable ancient artifacts. 

On top of all that, you’ll also earn Geo Corp. credits as you go from cache to cache filling your inventory with goodies. You can use these credits to buy entire zones, which forces rival Geo Scavengers in the area to pay you taxes. That means it’s worth trying to buy particularly busy zones, giving you a greater tax base to swell your coffers. 

Geo Scavengers looks like a fun location-based game with RPG-esque character progression and a neat strategic multiplayer twist. It’s packed with gameplay, too. You even need to solve puzzles to open certain caches. 

Aperico promises to actively maintain the game, creating new crafting recipes, puzzles, and cache types, as well as events and contests throughout the year. It’s a young title, so you can be a big voice in its growing community, potentially affecting the course of its future development. 

You can download Geo Scavengers right now on the Google Play Store. It’s a paid game, with no ads or IAPs.