One of the worst things about modern gaming has to be the grind. When you don’t have much time on your hands, putting in hours of work to get to a point where you can actually enjoy a game just isn’t that much fun at all. 

Let’s be honest – your life is hectic. Whether it’s looking after your kids, working long hours at your job or trying to fit in some kind of social life, you’ve always got something on the calendar. The last thing you want to do when you load up a game like Destiny 2 is play through an endless number of Raids just to try and get your Guardian up to scratch. 

You want to jump into the good stuff – having the best weapons and gear, playing the most entertaining parts of the game, and generally having the most fun possible in the few hours you actually get a week to sit down and play. 

So it’s great that services such as Mythic Boost offer solutions to help you get there with ease. 

You can get coaching from professional players, game alongside them, or even have them do some of the trickier and less enjoyable sections of the game in your stead.

Mythic Boost offers a range of boosts including PvP and PvE coaching, raid boosts and carries, and even straightforward character boosts

So when you log in you’re stronger than you’d have been able to get on your own. This is a trustworthy helping hand that’ll make sure you’re having as much fun as you possibly can. 

There’s even an app that makes communicating with your booster as simple as it can be. If you’re interested in trying it out, click here to learn more about what getting yourself a Destiny 2 Boost from Mythic Boost will entail.