Text or Die is a game about answering questions with the longest word you can think of. The more letters you use, the bigger your pile of tiles gets. The bigger your pile of tiles gets, the less likely you are to get eaten by a shark. And no one wants to get eaten by a shark, right?

If you want to avoid that fate, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve played a good chunk of Text or Die, and in this strategy we’re going to share all of the hints, tips and cheats that we’ve picked up during our time with the game.

Whether you’ve already answered some questions or you’re typing for your life for the first time, you’re going to find something here that’ll make sure you’re always at the top of the pile. Literally. Here are the best hints, tips and cheats for Text or Die. 

Any word is better than a mistake

If you’re struggling to think of a long word, just go for a shorter one. You’ll get a chance to get a longer word in the next round, and it’s much better getting four or five tiles than getting none. Don’t get too stressed out trying to think of something with loads of letters – just keep your pile moving upwards.

Remember the answers

A lot of the questions get repeated, or used in different ways. So be sure to remember your good answers. And check what your opponents are doing – if they’ve used a longer word than you, be sure to add it to your memory bank to make sure you can get even more points the next time a question comes round. The same goes for your mistakes – don’t make the same one twice.

Spaces aren’t required

You don’t have to put spaces between words. In fact, it’s impossible. For example “birthday cake” would become “birthdaycake”. Multiple word answers obviously bag you loads of letters, so if you can think of a good one you should definitely use it. 

Take your time

There’s no time limit on thinking up a word, so be sure to take your time. Check to make sure you’ve spelled your entry correctly – there’s nothing worse than a typo costing you a game. Think about whether you’ve got the best score possible before you submit it as well – could you pluralize, could you use a better word?

What are the coins for?

The coins can be spent on adding more tiles to your pile or getting a hint if you’re stuck on a word. It’s rare that you’re going to need either of these things, though. That means there isn’t much point watching the videos to get yourself more coins.

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