Skate Up is an ice skating auto-runner that sees you tossing your ice-dancing partner to get them over a series of obstacles. It can get tricky, especially if you’re unsure about what you should be doing. 

That’s why we’ve written this guide. It’s made up of all of the hints, tips and tricks we’ve picked up during our time playing Skate Up. With these strategies you’re going to be throwing, catching and collecting gems with ease in no time.

Whether you’re just lacing up your skates for the first time or you’ve been sliding about on the ice for a while, you’re going to find something here that’ll help you out. So let’s get to it – here are the best hints, tips and cheats for Skate Up. 

Look for the green circle

When you’ve thrown your partner, you want to make sure the circle surrounding you is green when they’re coming down. If the circle is red when they land, you’re going to drop them, and that’s going to cause you to slow down. That’s the opposite of what you’re aiming for, so get the timing right and go for green.

You don’t always have to throw

Sometimes it’s okay to weave through the obstacles without tossing your partner. Look at what the game is challenging you with and decide whether throwing is the best option. Low obstacles can mostly be dodged, for example.

Upgrade often

You’ve got the option to upgrade your throw and your gem-collection at the start of every level. You should spend your gems whenever you’ve got enough. If you’re struggling, then watch a video to increase your throw and you should find that things are going to get easier.

Push your opponents

On the levels with opponents, you need to shove them out of the way. Swipe in their direction when they’re close enough to knock them over. Just keep shoving until all of them are out of the way.

Check above you

Keep an eye on the items above you. Sometimes there are no obstacles, but you can still toss your partner to collect gems, keys and boosts. You need to throw before you get to the items, so make sure you’ve always got one eye on the air above your head to see if there’s anything worth snaffling.

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