Block ’em All is a mini basketball game about blocking as many shots as you can. It’s got some silly physics, plenty of leaping around and more than a few tricky sections that might leave you frustrated. And, quite frankly, we hate it when you get frustrated. It’s really frustrating. 

Which is why we’ve written this guide. It’s packed full of all of the hints, tips and tricks that we’ve picked up during our time playing Block ’em All. Hopefully these strategies are going to help make sure that you’re blocking every shot with skill and panache. 

Whether you’ve blocked myriad shots or you’re just stepping into the paint to try and knock down your first, there’s going to be something here that’ll keep that rock out of the hoop. Here, then, are the best hints, tips and cheats for Block ’em All. 

Make your first move small

You need to swipe to start the level, but if you make your first move too big you’re not going to be in a good position to block the first shot. It’s a better plan to just tap the screen – that way you’re not going to move much and you’re going to be able to react to the first player in the queue. 

Wait for your opponent

Opponents have two different approaches – dunks and shots. You should wait and see whether they move before you try and block them. If you hit an opponent when they’re on the floor, it’s a foul. Three fouls and you fail the level. If a player is airborne you can barge into them as much as you want. Take a second and watch what’s happening, then decide your best course of action.

You have to block bosses multiple times

Boss ballers are giant, and they have red energy bars above their heads. You need to block them multiple times to stop them from scoring. Try to stay close to them and start knocking into them when they’re in the air. Often you can knock them down before they’ve even released the ball.

Stop your movements

Just because you’re in the air, doesn’t mean you can’t swipe to change your direction. Double jumps, downward dives and more are entirely possible. Use these to put yourself back in a good position to block the next shot instead of just waiting and hoping you land somewhere useful.

What are the gems for?

You can spend the gems on unlocking new balls. They don’t change anything about the game mechanically, so it’s up to you whether you think it’s worth it. You’ll earn enough from playing that you shouldn’t really bother watching the videos to increase your haul though. 

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