Well over a million of you pre-registered for Perfect World: Revolution after it went live at the beginning of June, unlocking every tier of rewards. Now it’s time to cash in. Perfect World: Revolution is here. 

In case you missed it, Perfect World: Revolution is a mobile-optimized, jazzed up version of Perfect World, the classic PC MMORPG that came out in China in 2005 before rolling out to the West in 2008. 

The whole game is now displayed in portrait mode too, allowing you to play it one-handed – the quintessential mobile optimization. 

Fortunately, nothing has been lost in terms of gameplay. You can do everything with one thumb that you could do with all of your digits. That includes soaring through the sky on your winged mount, battling with other players and AI creatures under the sea, and attending city-shaking parties on land. 

Perfect World was a massive worldwide hit thanks to its slick RPG gameplay and, just as importantly, its unique aesthetic. The game takes its cues from Eastern history and mythology, meaning it’s replete with dragons, tigers, and stunning Far East architecture. 

Perfect World: Revolution is a comprehensive overhaul, improving over the original in a number of key ways. Most obviously, the game has received a graphical revamp, with significantly improved character models, backgrounds, and lighting effects. 

And there’s more. You can now switch classes with ease thanks to the imaginatively named class-switching system. Anyone who’s ever endured the rigmarole of creating a whole new character to change classes will welcome this new feature with open arms. 

For those who pre-registered, Perfect World: Revolution is giving away a huge bounty of goodies, including Soulstones, Gems, Chests, and a Mystery Pack with a value of 400 Bound Gold Ingots. 

And even if you didn’t manage to pre-register, you can still claim a special gift with the code PWRNOW. 

Just head on over to the Google Play Store or the App Store to get started.