Dragon Awaken is one of our favorite browser-based MMORPGs. Developed by Game Hollywood, it’s a huge RPG with colorful arcade presentation, frequent updates, and a massive player base

It casts you as a warrior who’s sent by his commander to attack a dragon’s lair. The mission goes awry, but in a good way, leaving you with the power of a dragon and a new role as a member of the order of dragon knights. 

If only all workplace accidents turned out like that. 

The gameplay sees you forming a party and setting out to save the world through turn-based combat. Heroes are drawn from real world history and mythology, and they come with their own mounts, from Lava Dragons to Griffins to, er, pandas. 

As you’d expect from a top tier tactical RPG, Dragon Awaken involves a lot of party management, with different heroes performing different roles in their squads. You’ll need to position your tanks, your ranged heroes, and so on for maximum effect. 

There are also cards for the majority of in-game characters. When you loot the same card that can be upgraded as well, each one providing different power-ups to contribute to your total BR. This recent addition to the game makes it even easier to upgrade your hero and make them an unstoppable force.

Once you’re battle-ready, you can play in single-player dungeons or in the PvP arena against other players, testing your skills against the greatest AI known to mankind: the human brain. 

Between bouts you can even kill a bit of time and earn some extra loot by playing a wide array of mini-games. 

In its four years online, Dragon Awaken has been updated and enhanced countless times. That’s what keeps it fresh. The latest version, 3.7, is the most significant yet, making this the perfect time to create an account and get playing. 

The headline feature of the 3.7 update is the new Card function, which introduces five card classes and allows players to claim free chests, earn XP, level-up, and more by collecting particular cards.  

To check it out, click here. The game has an official Discord channel too.