Rabisco is a game about leading a cute rabbit through a series of mazes. You’re collecting stars to cheer up the moon, which sounds like a perfectly lovely and noble cause to us.

The game has been out on a bunch of other platforms for a while, and now it’s launched on mobile. It’s still charming, it’s still challenging, but does this port do the game justice? Read on and find out.

The controls are pretty darn simple. There’s a floating d-pad that lets you move around, and two buttons in the bottom right of the screen. A lets you dash for a while, B lets you interact with certain objects. When you’re dashing you can shatter certain walls, a skill you’re definitely going to be using a lot.

Each level gives you a number of stars to collect, and a moon to reach to complete the challenge and move on to the next. You don’t have to get every star to progress, but you get a higher award if you do. Some levels have keys you need to use to unlock gates, others have cannons, spikes and a variety of other obstacles that are trying to kill you.

Things start off sedately, but once you’re a few levels in the difficulty starts to ramp up. You need to be pixel perfect with some of your moves, darting into gaps and avoiding death to grab the stars and find the exit. It’s not quite psychosis-inducingly difficult, but it’s certainly pretty darn tough. 

Sometimes the touchscreen controls are going to leave you feeling a bit frustrated though. There’s no option to change their size or move them around, and sometimes you’ll poke the dash button only to keep trundling along.

We also encountered a really annoying bug that jammed the d-pad when you reloaded at a checkpoint and meant you had to restart the level. A re-install solved it, but it meant we had to replay a good chunk of the game.

Rabisco isn’t without its problems, then, but underneath them there’s an entertaining and engaging game that delivers enough enjoyment to keep you pushing on in spite of the niggles. With a few tweaks, Rabisco could have been a must play, but even now it’s definitely worth checking out.

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