PortalOne, the innovative and hotly anticipated hybrid games platform, has opened its waiting list for a soft launch in the US and Canada.

In case you haven’t been following PortalOne’s remarkable rise in Europe, it pitches itself as a whole new category of mobile-based entertainment that blends gaming and live shows by embedding the latter seamlessly within the former.

The first format on the platform is PortalOne Arcade, a retro-fabulous universe of interactive entertainment that places guest stars inside a range of casual original PortalOne games and “super-sized” classics from developers like Atari.

Of course, PortalOne isn’t the first platform to mash media together. There have been virtual concerts and keynotes in games like Roblox and Fortnite for years. But none of them has ever let the users interact with the performers, and that’s where PortalOne moves things forward.

The guest stars who appear on the PortalOne platform – who apparently include Justin Bieber – are not just for show. They’re usually playing too, and you’re trying to beat them. And who doesn’t want to beat Justin Bieber and a bunch of other cool guests who are slated to appear on the show?

Plus, there are cash prizes on offer, with tournaments running every single day. You’ve got a lot of chances to win, including these: you can get the highest combined Top 5 scores in a 24 hour tournament, be one of the Top Ten winners in the tournament, Beat-The-Guest during the Arcade Show, or just be that day’s lucky winner by simply showing up. There’s even a Season Grand Prize worth $5000!

Blockbuster and Centipede are available on the mobile-only platform already, and an exclusive global distribution agreement with Atari is set to see many more of the legendary developer’s most popular arcade games brought to PortalOne in super-sized form.

Graphically, PortalOne is a glorious ‘80s-inspired neon fest underpinned by cutting-edge UI design. The company is building its own proprietary technology to enable third-party developers to create content for the platform, too, ensuring a slick, cohesive user experience.

And you can try it very soon.

And we have the link for you right here.