If you’re looking for high-stakes political intrigue and brutal combat, you can’t go far wrong with the middle ages. 

Knights of Ages, from Seaease Games, is an SRPG inspired by Arthurian legend. And it’s an absolute belter of a game, with hundreds of quests, a truly mind-boggling amount of detail, and an epic storyline that spans generations. 

Here’s the backstory. A long time ago, a cadre of heroic knights defeated the barbarian hordes and created the six kingdoms of the Galtian Continent.

At first, these kingdoms coexisted peacefully thanks to their mutual prosperity and the norms and laws created by their founders. But over time the founders’ vows were forgotten, and chaos reigned. 

It’s time for you to step in and sort things out as you see fit. You can aim to be a merciless tyrant or a benevolent enforcer of the founders’ original vision, depending on the kind of continent you want your children to inherit. 

That’s right: children. Knights of Ages is truly multi-generational in scope. Each mercenary character has its own attributes, profession, skills, and so on – but also its own life story, with a beginning and an end.

If a character is wounded in battle, they have to live with the consequences for their rest of their lives. If they lose too many battles, they’ll lose morale, and they can even pass their low morale on to their offspring.  

Knights of Ages is an SRPG in which you not only have to fight in chess-like tactical turn-based battles, but also manage bloodlines through marriage.

Plus, you’ll need to conquer enemy castles, manage your alliances, take on other players in arena battles, and much, much more. This is a game on an epic canvas. 

To get started, grab Knights of ages for free right now on the Google Play Store and the App Store.