Legends of Kingdom Rush has just launched on Apple Arcade. It’s a bright and engaging turn-based strategy RPG set in the Kingdom Rush universe. You’re building a team of scrappers to try and save the world from the forces of darkness. But that poses a question – how do you get the best team?

Well, you’ve come to the right place for an answer. Here you’re going to find out exactly how you can unlock all of the characters in Legends of Kingdom Rush. Some of them you’re going to find just by playing, but others you’re going to have to put some work in for. We believe in you, though. 

If you want to learn more about the best games on Apple Arcade, click here to read our complete list. Well, now that’s out of the way, let’s get on with it, shall we? Here’s our guide telling you how to unlock every character in Legends of Kingdom Rush. 

  • Gerald – Starting character
  • Ranger – Unlocked in the tutorial
  • Arcane Wizard – Unlocked in the tutorial
  • Asra – Reach Krum’Thak’s Arena
  • Oloch – Reach The Mountain boss fight
  • Bruxa – Defeat 100 enemies
  • Reg’Son – Defeat Iriza and banish the Overseer
  • Knight – Explore 5 nodes in the Forest adventure
  • Bombardier – Use 10 items during challenges
  • Barbarian – Keep at least one young barbarian alive until the end of combat
  • Dark Knight – Beat the Dark Knights at the Dark Army checkpoint without any casualties
  • Orc Cleaver – Defeat Krum’Thak without any casualties
  • Witch Doctor – Win an encounter with one unit left with 1HP left
  • Sasquatch – Break frozen units’ Ice Shield ten times
  • Zapper – Damage 25 enemies using combat props
  • Sorceress – Successfully defend Argaleham

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