Rickle is a casual title with a few tricks up its sleeve. We talked to the game’s creator, Paul Hoover, to discuss what it does differently in a over-stacked genre.

We chatted about the title’s relaxing gameplay, why it’s a premium experience, and what exactly a ‘rickle’ is anyway.

Hi Paul! Can you explain Rickle in 20 words or less? 

A “rickle” is a small stack or loose heap. The game is about making stacks of stones. 

What were your main aims when creating Rickle?

Our main aim was to make a relaxing game. Something that didn’t require too much brain power and didn’t cause any stress. Having the game play be based on a tap on the screen was another goal. While there are Power Ups that can be used, they are completely optional. The core “controls” are just a tap of a finger. I feel that this adds to the calming aspect. Another aim was to give the player something pretty. I really enjoyed creating all of the backgrounds and personally feel a sense of accomplishment each time I unlock one (I’ve probably restarted about 50 times during development testing).

Is this a game that anyone can enjoy?

Totally. Rickle was built on a foundation of simplicity. The aim was to make the game play as absolutely simple as possible. I think that players of all ages can pick up the game, figure it out within seconds and enjoy stacking stones to travel to new locations.

Why should people download Rickle? 

I think that casual gamers will really enjoy this game. It’s simplicity and it’s goal-oriented mechanics should provide a calm, relaxing, but rewarding experience for pretty much anyone. 

And is it true you’ll be supporting charities by playing the game – can you explain?

Yes! We strongly believe in giving back. Each app from Polyworks Games has a themed charity that will receive donations from portions of our proceeds. For Rickle, the game is all about the natural environments. It made sense to go with environmental protection charities. Our game page has more details.

Are there in-app purchases in the iOS version of the game?

There are no in-app purchases in the iOS version. 

Are there any differences between the iOS and Android versions of Rickle? 

The Android version is free-to-play with ads; the iOS version is an ad-free, paid app. We’ve found that we have 2 different types of players and have worked to target the right audience based on platform. The gameplay is exactly the same. All of the mechanics, Power Ups and locations are in both.

What do you have planned for Rickle in the months ahead?

There are currently 10 locations with a day and night version of each. Future releases will add new locations and stone types. We also have plans to add other easter eggs and hidden mini games as part of the on-going challenges. 

Our thanks to Paul for his time. You can check out Rickle right now, on the Google Play Store and the App Store. The game has an official site too.