The open beta for the futuristic, tactical combat game Kingsense has just launched, giving players around the world the chance to get to grips with everything the game has to offer. And you can trust us when we say that there is a lot to get to grips with here.

Set in the aftermath of a global catastrophe, the game sees you building a team from Sensates. These are human beings imbued with extraordinary powers that set them apart from the rest of the world. There are more than 40 different Sensates to collect, each with their own individual personality.

Battles take place on a 5×9 grid, and you’ll want to mix and match your Sensates to discover new and powerful combinations. With a bit of practice you’ll be able to control the flow of the battle and dominate your foes.

You’re going to want to increase the Sensate’s intimacy too, as well as unlocking special gear for the different characters to make them even more powerful when push comes to shove. You’re going to be fighting against mutants, robots, cultists and plenty more vicious foes, so building the most powerful squad you can is the key to succeeding. 

The game has a gorgeous, futuristic art style that’s dripping with neon colors. There are loads of different modes to fight in, and a riveting story that’s going to keep you pushing on to find out what happens next. 

All told you should be pretty excited to get our hands on Kingsense via this open beta. For more information you can check out the game’s Facebook and Twitter pages, or click here and have a gander at the official Kingsense website.