Say No! More has a trailer that’s a real winner – like Untitled Goose Game it draws you in with a ridiculously silly concept that seems to have endless possibilities for hilarity.

Sadly this effort from Thunderful is nowhere near the level of Untitled Goose Game in actually making its idea work as an actual, you know, game.

You play an intern who is looking to climb the corporate ladder, and discovers the power of saying the word ‘no.’

The mere utterance of this word causes co-workers to fly away, cower in fear, or flee for their very lives. Levels are linear on-rail experiences, and almost all of them just involve you facing down fellow an endless stream of fellow employees.

Often saying no causes something to happen in the environment, but it’s only to push the story along – everything that happens occurs in every play-through.

As you may be able to laugh – and say no in a few different tones – but ultimately whatever you choose to do people get out of your way. It’s impossible to actually fail or see the game over screen. 

So in terms of gameplay that’s all there is to Say No! More, and it’s simply not enough to justify its existence as a game.

This is a shame, as the presentation is excellent – the retro blocky 3D visuals burst with character, the voice-acting is committed and often hilarious, and it has an enjoyably wacky sense of humour.

But there are no puzzles to solve, and having no risk of failure means it leans too heavily on being enjoyable as an experience that you just watch and barely play – and although it’s an amusing tale it’s not sharp or slick enough to work in that very one-dimensional way.

The slightly high price-tag also prohibits us from recommending this as just a 2 hour throwaway experience. 

Why the main concept couldn’t be explored with some actual gameplay we don’t know, and you’re left with a title that simply never gets close to fulfilling its potential.