Cyberika is about as cyberpunky as a game can get without exploding in a blast on neon and circuit boards. It’s a massive RPG that sees you wandering around a futuristic city killing punks and doing cyber crimes. There’s a lot to do, but is there a lot to love?

After a brief explanation of the plot you’re dropped into the action. There are goons to beat up, levels to move through and all manner of things to collect. There’s definitely the feel of a survival game here, but the world is decidedly closed.

Sections of the city are connected by long drives in your car. You can let the game do the work or take control and weave through the traffic. Weave probably isn’t the right word – the controls are a bit soft sometimes and instead of darting past a slow-moving vehicle you’ll clonk into the back of it.

When you’re on foot things are a little better. You walk about, following icons and getting in scraps. Those scraps are pretty rudimentary, but they’re over quickly. Your weapons break down while you use them, so you need to repair them or find new ones.

There are hacking mini-games, characters – or rather exposition wafflers – to meet and new areas of the city to unlock. There’s a lot of back-and-forth – sometimes you’ll get to a location after a lengthy drive and then have to head off somewhere else almost instantly – which can be a bit annoying.

But there’s definitely been a lot of love and care lavished on Cyberika. It’s an impressively put together experience, and while it isn’t always super exciting, you’re always going to be intrigued as to what’s going to happen next.

Cyberika doesn’t quite live up to its lofty aspirations, but that shouldn’t put you off picking it up. It’s free to download and there’s a pretty massive game waiting to be discovered. And the fact is, you’re almost certainly going to enjoy the time you spend with it.

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