Smash Legends is a game that blends together multiplayer madness, fast action and gorgeous graphics to make something that’s a little bit special. It fits brilliantly into mobile-sized play sessions and it’s going to take up hours of your life if you let it. And we reckon that you probably will.

The game is built around a bunch of different multiplayer modes that pop up on a rotation. In most of them you’re fighting in a team of three, battling it out to score points and kills before the timer ticks down to zero. There’s also a mini battle royale mode, and a one on one duel if that’s what tickles your fancy.

The characters here are all based on characters from fairy tales and classic stories, but with a twist. A lot of that twist involves wielding massive weapons. So Little Red Riding Rood becomes Red, a scissor-wielding assassin who can sneak up behind other Legends and deliver massive damage. 

As you play you’ll unlock new characters, arenas and modes, letting you experiment with new styles of play and figure out which Legends are best for which versions of the game. You’ll upgrade your characters too, making them tougher and tougher as you battle through the different challenges.

The characters all have different move sets, split into three different attacks. You’ve got your standard attack that’s always there for you, and two special attacks that power up as you deliver damage and can only be unleashed when they’re charged up. You can also bounce around by pushing the jump button, which is super useful for getting out of trouble.

Learning how to combine your moves together, how to work well with other champions and how to ensure you’re always on course for the win is all part of the experience. There’s always something new to learn, and you’re going to enjoy every step along the way.

You’ll need different strategies depending on the mode you’re playing, and there are regular progression steps and challenges that you can complete to get more goodies. Even if you’ve only got a time for a couple of matches you’re going to earn something, and the game is designed to suck you in for regular sessions.

Smash Legends is definitely the sort of game you’re going to have to keep up with. It’s challenging in all of the right ways, but there’s a chance you’ll get left behind if you can’t pick it up and play it often enough. But if you’re willing to put the time in there’s a lot here that you’re going to love.

Smash Legends manages to distill multiplayer action into bite-sized chunks that are going to leave you sweaty-palmed and wanting more. It’s not for the faint of heart, but if you’re willing to put the effort in then you’re going to be rewarded with one of the best multiplayer games we’ve seen on mobile for a good long while.

You can download Smash Legends via the App StoreGoogle Play, and Steam.