Everything is Fine is an action game with a twist. Actually, it’s an action game with several twists. For one thing you’re fighting your internal demons, taking down your emotional dysfunctions with your inner light. It’s also got one of the most interesting control schemes we’ve seen on mobile.

There’s no floating joystick here. Instead the screen is split in half – on one side there’s a mini-map cut into nine chunks, on the other a zoomed-in view of whichever one of those chunks you’ve selected. You tap the map to move between zones, then tap the other side of the screen to dodge and attack.

It’s a control system unlike anything we’ve seen before, and it works really well. You get to focus on taking down the demons that plague the mind-land, gathering ammo and nabbing power-ups to help you out in your scraps. 

The campaign mode offers 30 tough levels for you to work your way through and you can change your loadout to change the strategies you use when you step out into the game. There’s also an endless mode, with random rougelike-style drops, that sees you tackling wave after wave of beasts.

Those beasts have all been designed to capture the emotion that they’re representing. As much as Everything is Fine is about mashing up monsters with magic, it’s also a window into the world of mental health problems, empathizing with sufferers and trying to explain what mental health problems are like to those who don’t have them.

So if you’re looking for a slick and smart action game with a completely fresh feel and a story that actually asks some important questions, you could do a lot worse than checking out Everything is Fine. The game is available right now from the Google Play Store and you can pick it up by clicking right here.