Smash Legends is a bright and brilliant brawler that sees you smacking, slicing and thwacking seven shades of shenanigans out of other players in a teeth-bared battle to the death. Or, more accurately, in a battle to be the first team to get four points.

You earn those points by controlling a square in the center of the battlefield. The action focuses in on that space, as you either battle to keep it, or frantically try and wrest control from the opposing team. It’s fun, it’s gorgeous and it’s out right now.

The game is packed full of characters that you might be vaguely familiar with. They’re reimagined versions of the heroes and villains from a bunch of different fairy tales. And they’ve all got their own special skills that you’re going to have to master to rule the battlefield.

Every character has a standard move, a special move and a super move, and chaining them together is the key to staying alive and scoring the points you need to secure victory. Some have guns, some have swords, some have giant hammers – you’re going to play in different ways depending on which one you pick.

You’re going to have to work in tandem with your team to win as well, otherwise you don’t stand a chance. The battles are super short, but they’re packed with the sort of breathtaking action and excitement that’s going to ensure you jump back in when a game’s finished, whether you were the winner or not.

Throw in a bunch of different modes, a vibrant community that means there’s always a match waiting for you and some slick controls and you’ve got yourself one of the most interesting multiplayer action games of 2021. 

And it’s out right now. You can download Smash Legends from the App Store, Google Play Store or Steam by clicking one of those links. And for more information on the game, make sure you check out its official website by clicking here.