Mobile gaming is, rightly or wrongly, known as a casual counterpart to the console and PC experience. In a way, it’s true – there are a lot of casual games available from the App Store and Play Store. 

So many, infact, that it can sometimes be pretty overwhelming to find the one that’s going to be right for you. We hate it when you’re overwhelmed, so to de-whelm the whole situation, we’ve written this list of the ten best casual games for mobile in 2021.

There’s matching, there’s surfing, there’s story-telling, heck, there are even zombies. So sit back, give this a read, and find the casual mobile game that’s going to fill up some of your spare minutes for the next few months.

Candy Crush Saga

Probably the first game most people think about when they think about the word casual. It’s all about matching together sweet treats to finish levels. It’s the sort of game you’ll pick up and slowly but surely become horribly addicted to.

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Project Makeover

A mix of genres that sees you solving puzzles to try and make people look prettier. There’s a story bubbling along, interior decoration and loads more as well. It’s casual, but there’s an awful lot going on in this one.

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Subway Surfers

This one is an endless runner that sees you piloting a hoverboard over a bunch of trains. There’s painting to be done too, and different characters to be played as. If you like a bit more action to your games then definitely check this one out.

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Toon Blast

Another match-stuff puzzler. This one is all about chaining together matches of blocks to help out some adorable cartoon characters. There are loads of levels, special powers and plenty of twists along the way.

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The core of this one is matching stuff. Except this time you’re also helping out some fish, which is a good thing to do. It’s bright and entertaining and there’s more than a few fishy concepts that are going to keep you on your toes.

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Your mansion has fallen into disrepair and there’s only one way to fix it. Yup, you guessed it, it’s by completing match-three puzzles. Finish a puzzle, get a new part to make your house look pretty again. Score.

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Episode – Choose Your Story

This one doesn’t have anything to do with matching things of the same color. Instead you’re playing through stories, making choices that are going to change the outcome. It’s basically a weekday afternoon soap that you can alter, which is pretty darn cool.

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8 Ball Pool

Sometimes you just want to play a quick game of pool. And 8 Ball Pool is the best way to do it on your mobile phone. It’s really well put together and there’s always a game waiting for you. 

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Pokemon Go

Collect all the Pokemon, and get some fresh air in the process. Pretty much anyone can play this one, and it’s a great way to get out and about and even meet new people. What’s better than that?

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Puzzles and Survival

We’ll wrap up with another match-stuff puzzler. This time you’re matching to try and fight off hordes of zombies. If you’re looking for a casual game with a bit more grit and grime, then this is the one for you.

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