Extra Hot Chilli 3D is a game for spice lovers everywhere. It’s all about stuffing as many super hot peppers into your mouth as you can. There’s a few other twists here as well, and you’re going to have to be on your toes if you want to get the best scores.

Which is why we’ve written this strategy guide. We’d hate for you to fail in your chilli dreams because you don’t understand something. Here you’re going to find all of the hints, tips and tricks you need to succeed.

Whether you’re a seasoned chilli pepper popper or you’re just starting out with the game, you’re going to find some hot takes here that’ll make steam come out of your ears. Y’know, in a good way. So here are our top five hints, tips and cheats for Extra Hot Chilli 3D. 

If it’s not a chilli, ignore it

There are lots of things in Extra Hot Chilli 3D that aren’t chillis, and quite frankly they’re none of your concern. All you need to concentrate on is getting as many chillis into your character’s mouth as you can. If it isn’t a chilli, then don’t put it anywhere near the chilli eating champion.

Release to fire the chillis

Some levels are like fairground attractions where you need to aim and fire chillis into waiting mouths. Line up your shot by swiping your finger around the screen and then lift up that digit to fire. If you don’t lift up your finger the chilli wont come out and you’ll be stuck on the level for a good long while.

Feel the vibrations

Your phone is going to vibrate when you’re doing something right. Whether it’s cooking a chilli, aiming a shot or any number of other actions. When your phone starts buzzing you know you’re in the right position to perform whatever the game is asking of you.

Don’t eat poop

As true in Extra Hot Chilli 3D as it is in real life. Eating poop is never a good idea, and there are a number of levels where it’s a distinct possibility. Avoid stuffing excrement in your mouth at any cost, whether that’s by making sure they don’t fall directly in there or by ensuring you’re not chucking them down your gullet.

The belt comes back round

On the levels where you’re flicking chillis into your mouth from a conveyor belt, you don’t have to get them all in one go. The belt is going to come back round, giving you another chance to snaffle all ten of the chillis. Sometimes it’s best to take things slow and wait for your second shot rather than chucking something untoward into your gob.

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