Soccer Super Star is a slick game about passing and shooting your way to victory. You control everything with swipes, kicking the ball between your players to get into position to score a goal. It’s a polished and engaging experience, but it’s got some depth to it too.

And that depth might make things a bit tricky when you first start playing. Hell, it might make things a bit tricky if you’ve been playing for a while. Which is why we’ve written this guide – it’s packed full of the hints, tips and tricks you’re going to need to take your game to the next level.

Even if you think you’ve got your skills down, there’s definitely going to be something here to help you out. So, without further typing, here’s the very best hints, tips and cheats for Soccer Super Star.

You can only pass in the cone

You can only kick the ball within the confines of the cone in front of you. Sometimes this will limit your options, leaving you with only one other player you can pass to. There are no tricky backheels here unfortunately. Use what the game offers you to set yourself up for a better shot in the future.

Go for all three stars

There are three stars on every level. They usually involve passing to a specific player and scoring a goal in a specific part of the goal. There are only ever three stars, so you can work out if there’s another part of the level if there’s just one star to be found. Getting all three stars means you’ve aced the level.

Use the curve

Don’t just kick in straight lines, instead curve your passes and shots to get them past the defenders. You can use swerving balls to pass your players into space and to curve shots into the stars on the goal. 

Longer lines, more powerful kicks

You don’t have to swipe faster to make your shots more powerful, you just have to draw longer lines. Use shorter lines for quick passes to players who are close by, and more powerful kicks to get the ball farther down the field. Mix up your kicks for a more nuanced experience.

Only rewind on levels with multiple shots

You should only watch a video to rewind on levels with multiple shots when you’re in the second chunk and make a mistake. Otherwise you’re going to have to play through all of the level again, including the part you’ve already passed. On other levels, just go back to the beginning and try again.

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