Paper Fold is, as you can probably guess, a game about folding paper. You need to pull back the corners to reveal an image. Fold it wrong and you’ll have to start the whole thing over again.

It’s simple to get the hang of, but things do get tricky from time to time. Which is why we’ve written this guide. It’ll explain some of the fundamentals of paper folding, making sure you always know what to look for when the folding kicks off.

If you’re new to Paper Fold or you’ve been playing for a while, there’s going to be something here to help you out. So here are our top 5 best hints, tips and cheats for Paper Fold. You’re welcome.

Find the longest side

Start by finding the longest edge of the paper you’re going to have to fold. More often than not the longest side is going to be the first or last side you’ll need to fold. So it’s not a foolproof plan, but it’ll give you a decent grounding in what you might need to do to get the right fold.

Look at the shapes

Look at the shape in the centre of the paper as well as the shapes on the edges that you need to fold. This will give you a good idea of what it is you’re going to have to make and how you’re going to get there. 


Fold a couple of sides and see where you end up. If you’re blocking out parts or it’s obvious that you’re heading in the right direction, tap the folded pieces to put them back flat. Knowing you’re doing something wrong is a step towards knowing you’re doing something right.

Think about what you’re covering

Look at the extent of the paper you’re folding and see what it’s going to cover. Even if there’s just a small part of the image on a fold, there could also be a large amount of blank space that’s going to cover up other parts of the image. Take a good long look at everything before you start your fold.

Get the new themes

Unlocking the new themes will get you new images to fold and new backgrounds as well. They’re really the only thing that changes about the game, so you may as well unlock them when you get the chance. After your first set of levels in a new theme, you can watch a video to unlock it permanently. You can find the theme again in the theme menu and watch the video there as well.

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