You might think it’s over, but it’s not. Just because the world of social media has turned its back on him, and the electorate has removed him from office, that doesn’t mean Donald J. Trump won’t come back with a vengeance.

Trumpy Con is your tongue-in-cheek chance to see him off once and for good. Developed by ResoluteNerd, this retro-styled, fast-paced arcade game is a biting satire of the current political upheaval, and a super-fun slice of Donkey Kong-esque action into the bargain. 

You play as a plucky FBI agent trying to rescue a beautiful young woman who has been abducted by – who else? – Donald Trump. 

The angry, bloated, ape-like Trump sits at the top of each stage, and you start at the bottom. As you climb ladders, jump on lifts, vault over chasms, and so on you’ll have to dodge all sorts of highly topical obstacles that are either hurled by Trump or patrolling the stages on his behalf. 

There are pork barrels coming at you (zing!), as well as foxes (take that, Fox News!), Matryoshka dolls (stitch that, Putin!), and more.

You’ll also need to collect clues on your way up – you are an FBI agent, after all. The goal in each level is to reach Trump and rescue his captive, at which point he recaptures her and moves on to the next world. 

There are seven distinct worlds in Trumpy Con, each one accompanied by an animated short, and each one representing a different issue of the day, whether it be political, environmental, or humanitarian. 

The game may be tongue-in-cheek, but the issues it sends up are deadly serious. Thankfully, it’s also a lot of fun, and you can play it in a variety of different ways. There are virtual buttons, support for Bluetooth controllers, and even iCade support. 

And Trumpy Con is totally ad and IAP-free. You just have to lay down $2.99, and you can enjoy the whole experience without distractions. 

Head to the App Store and grab yourself a copy of Trumpy Con right now.