At first glance, Klaki hardly reinvents the wheel. It’s just a jigsaw app, after all. 

Except it’s not just a jigsaw app. Created by indie developer Ezekiel Thekiso, Klaki is a puzzler based on a mathematical puzzle called Tarski’s circle-squaring problem, which challenges participants to chop up a disc and reassemble it to create a square. 

The problem was posed by Alfred Tarski in 1925, and it wasn’t solved constructively until 2017. So you’ve got your work cut out. 

In Klaki, you’re presented with a selection of pieces that can be assembled to create either a square or a circle. 

It’s a mind-bending challenge, made (slightly) easier by the pictures on the pieces. Some of these are abstract patterns and designs, while others are beautiful landscapes. Either way, they help you work out what goes where. 

The pieces are cut to a different geometric pattern in each level, too, so memorising the shapes and where they fit won’t help you. Instead, you need to use every ounce of your patience and visuospatial reasoning power to crack the problem. 

Fortunately, Ezekiel Thekiso has included a few different ways to customize your challenge, so you can choose how hard you want the game to be. 

For one thing, not only can you pick a picture but you can decide how many pieces it’s going to be carved up into. Obviously, the more pieces there are, the harder it is to put them back together again.

And, of course, you can decide whether to build a square or a circle. Either way, a handy outline at least gives you somewhere to put your corners and edges, whether they’re straight or curved. 

As you can probably gather, Klaki is different from your average puzzler, fusing jigsaw gameplay with a hardcore geometric conundrum. 

It’s a novel challenge, and it’s totally free to download, with optional IAPs for additional puzzles. 

You can download Klaki for free right now on the App Store