Lords Mobile has just turned 5. That’s right – IGG’s world-conquering MMO isn’t a baby any more. It’s a flippin’ behemoth.

Here are some raw numbers: since landing in 2016, Lords Mobile has racked up more than a billion downloads on the Google Play Store. A billion. And that’s not including the Amazon App Store or the iOS App Store – or even Steam, where a PC version appeared in 2019. 

And it’s not just popular. It’s critically acclaimed, winning Best Competitive Game at the Google Play Awards in 2016, and earning a nomination in the Best Multiplayer Game category in 2017. 

To mark the game’s 5th anniversary, we’ve decided to take a very quick stroll down memory lane, reflecting on some of our highlights of the last five years. 

So much has happened in the bristling world of Lords Mobile, but one of our standouts was the introduction of the Lords Cup, to coincide with the World Cup in 2018.

This clever strategy-RPG take on the beautiful game saw you “dribbling” the Lords Ball towards the goal (aka “The Wonder’s Province”) by directing your army to march in one of eight directions. 

It worked so well that the Lords Cup became a permanent feature, benefiting from numerous updates and refinements over the years.

We also enjoyed the introduction of the Kingdom Gazette, a sort of in-game local newspaper aimed at cramming all the stuff that’s constantly happening in Lords Mobile into a single, digestible source. For Lords Mobile players, the Kingdom Gazette is an essential read. 

But Lords Mobile isn’t just about what happens on the screen. In 2019, IGG introduced Lords Fest, a globetrotting program of huge real-world events where players could gather in exciting venues to meet their clanmates, swap stories, and generally enjoy each others’ company.

Who knows – maybe we’ll all be allowed to do it again one day. 

The game’s most outstandingly positive impact on the world, however, has come through its charitable endeavors. In the last couple of years alone IGG and Lords Mobile’s army of players have raised money for War Child UK, Make-A-Wish, and countless institutions dealing with COVID-19. 

In addition, IGG dispatched N95 masks and other items of personal protective equipment to police services and hospitals all around the world last year, from Italy to the US. It saved lives. 

Of course, none of this would have been possible if Lords Mobile hadn’t grown to become one of the biggest mobile games in the world. And it wouldn’t have done that if it hadn’t been awesome fun to play. 

You can download Lords Mobile for free right now on the Google Play Store, the App Store, and Steam