Catch and Shoot is a game that does exactly what its name suggests. You’re throwing a ball along a level, avoiding obstacles and onrushing defenders to try and get it to the endzone. It’s a simple premise, but in practice it can actually be a pretty tough challenge.

Which is why we thought some hints, tips and cheats might prove useful. We’ve played a good chunk of the game and discovered some strategies that are going to help you make the most out of your time in Catch and Shoot. 

And we’ve written them into this guide. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve already been playing the game for a while, we reckon you’re going to find the answers to plenty of your Catch and Shoot questions here. Without further ado, here are our six best hints, tips and cheats for Catch and Shoot.

Throw your receivers open

Sometimes your receivers are going to be behind obstacles, and it’s times like that you need to think carefully about your throw. Don’t toss the ball directly to them, toss it into space near them. This gives your receivers a chance to move to get the ball, and it’s much better than watching in despair as it clonks into a fence.

Watch out behind you

The defenders in the game are always going to try and stop you making your throw. Sometimes that means they’re going to turn round and come up behind you. When you’ve got your throw ready, make it. Otherwise you’re going to find yourself squashed to the ground and having to start again.

What are the coins for?

You can spend them on new skins and new balls. You’ll find these in the shops on the right hand side of the screen just before you start a level. They’re all purely cosmetic, so while it’s nice to get them we’d suggest not wasting your time watching videos to increase your coin haul. You’ll unlock everything if you just play for long enough.

Revive or retry?

When you do die – which you will, a lot – the game gives you the choice to retry and start a version of the level again, or to revive by watching a video. We’d suggest only reviving if you’re one throw away from the endzone. If you’re earlier in the level than that then there’s a good chance you’re not going to make it to the end.

Dodge and weave

You can juke your way through some of the oncoming defenders. It’s not the best strategy and you’ll get hit sometimes, but it can also put you in a position to make a much easier throw. If there are no receivers open, try moving out of the way and finding a new place to throw from.

Throw it into the endzone

One trick you might find useful is hurling the ball into the endzone. This will finish the level with a 1x multiplier and it’s sometimes your best option if your last receiver isn’t in a position to catch the ball. It should be seen as a last resort, but it’s a great way of getting yourself out of a sticky situation.

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