Life is boring. Games are fun. There’s only one solution: turn life into a game. 

Gamification is one of the most powerful tools ever invented for helping people to accomplish their goals. There’s just something about chasing rewards that lights up the human imagination and activates the motivation center. 

To-Do Adventure is a fine example of gamification in action. Developed by the award-winning Fourdesire, whose previous credits include Fortune City, Walkr, and Plant Nanny, this is the friendliest, funnest productivity app we’ve seen in a long time. 

To use it, all you need to do is create tasks for yourself by tapping the + icon. For every task you can assign a deadline, whether that be today, tomorrow, “someday”, or a custom date of your choosing. 

Plus, you can slot your tasks into various different categories. Work, Learn, Health, and Home are included by default, but you can add any further categories you like, with a range of colors and icons to choose from. 

In terms of its productivity functionality, To-Do Adventure is a bright, colorful, intuitive app that will cover your needs completely. But it’s in the gamification department that it really shines. 

Whenever you complete one of your tasks in To-Do Adventure, you get to add another chunk of land to your ever-growing island, as well as filling it with various different features. Plus, you’ll earn coins to spend on new themes. 

The tasks you’ve yet to finish, meanwhile, are represented by incomplete structures – unfinished bridges, waterslides under construction, and so on. Getting these ticked off naturally makes your island richer and more exciting. 

To-Do Adventure has many target audiences, including students, parents, office workers, and – let’s be honest – pretty much anyone. We could all do with a bit more organization in our lives. 

It’s particularly useful right now, though, when so many parents are homeschooling their children through lockdown while trying to manage the everyday business of life. 

You can download To-Do Adventure for free right now on both Google Play and the App Store. Use the voucher code GZgift to get 60 extra coins, and the instructions on how to redeem are below. Oh, and don’t forget to check the game out on Instagram and Facebook.

1. Redeem the coupon code through

2. Go to the Setting page in-app (the first button from the bottom right)

3. Swipe up to the Account section

4. Click on “Claim reward” and get the reward.