Bonkies is a well presented co-op title that is just engaging enough to keep you playing – even if it won’t live long in the memory.

It revolves around a team of space monkeys (and other animals, but mainly monkeys) working together to put together structures in small one-screen stages.

They do this by boosting around in jetpacks and grabbing various blocks and scaffolding to place them in the right place. Once the structure – outlined via a shadow you have to fill in – is created it must stand still for three seconds for you to pass to the next challenge.

One of the most interesting elements of Bonkies is the claw each monkey has, which you manoeuvre independently via the four face buttons. Grabbing and jet pack boosting is controlled via the two shoulder buttons.

This means Bonkies, despite its incredibly simple set up, has a surprisingly complex set of controls. We’d bet this would be more than enough to put off more casual players actually, which is a shame – as it’s a game perfectly suited to knockabout gaming sessions once you get the hang of it.

Those sessions will never be too long though, as Bonkies is not a title that adds too many wrinkles to its formula.

Structures get larger and more complex, but never more interesting. There are few interesting variables or power-ups thrown in, and there’s only minimal difference between the playable characters.

So it’s safe to say that Bonkies is a game you have to play with friends, preferably three. Playing on your own is no fun at all, especially as the levels are simplified further if you’re flying solo.

And if your friends give the game time it’s a fun experience, even if it’s not one you’ll play for hours on end. 

There’s a playful nature to Bonkies that helps give it another minor edge above your standard co-operative title though.

From making you mash a button to unlock levels to the crisp and colourful presentation – this is clearly a title that’s been made with a fair bit of love.

It’s a shame then that Bonkies lacks the inspiration to really be a memorable experience, even if it’s a more than serviceable title while you’re playing it. Make sure you have a few friends in tow mind.