One of the most important decisions you’re going to make in Warhammer: Odyssey (download from the App Store and Play Store) is which character to pick. There are six to choose from, each with two different specializations you can pick later in the game. The character you pick is basically going to change the way you play the game.

So we thought we’d write up this list of all the different characters and their different specializations so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into before you pick one. With this information you can be assured you’re making the best pick for you and any potential team you might be joining.

Whether you’re looking to deal massive damage, heal your friends or have a super cool hat, there’s a choice that’s going to suit you here. Remember that Warhammer: Odyssey, while it’s out world wide, is still technically in soft launch, so there are going to be bugs and potential changes as you play.

Archmage – Elf

The Archmage is a magical character from the race of the Elves. They’re pretty squishy when they get up close and personal, so instead of running into the fight you should hang back and use your abilities. There are two class specializations you can pick from.

  • Master of Heavens“Command a terrifying arsenal of single and multi-target damage spells.” This specialization turns the Archmage into an AOE DPS class – you’re doing massive damage to multiple enemies at the same time.
  • Master of Life“Keep allies in the fight by using potent ranged heals and dispelling enemy debuffs.” This specialization turns the Archmage into a healer and a support character. Your focus will be helping other members of your team stay alive and do the damage.

Shadow Warrior – Elf

The Shadow Warrior is Warhammer: Odyssey’s version of the popular rogue character, with a bit of the hunter thrown in for good measure depending on the specialization you choose. Strike hard, strike fast, get out quick.

  • Path of the Veiled Arrow“Ambush enemies with precise long ranger bow attacks and crippling movement debuffs.” This is the long-ranged version of the character. You’ll deal damage and control the battlefield with your bow and arrow.
  • Path of the Silent Blade“Use stealth to weave in and out of combat and strike foes from behind.” The perfect specialization you if you want to stab people in the back. This one basically turns the Shadow Warrior into a stealthy, massive-damage dealing murderer.

Engineer – Dwarf

The Engineer uses rifles and turrets to attack their foes, rather than getting into the thick of things with an axe or a sword. This is probably the least standard character out of the whole pack, which also sort of makes them the coolest. You can choose to be a support or DPS character depending on your specialization.

  • Powder Smith – “Strong single-target and multi-target damage with a powerful rifle and gadgets.” This is the DPS option, you’re basically surrounding yourself with whirring, bullet-blasting machines of death. Awesome.
  • Machine Smith“Support allies using defensive turrets to taunt, debuff and slow enemies.” This is, as you might have guessed, the support option. Rather than using your turrets to kill, you’ll use them to set up your enemies for other team members to take down. Also awesome.

Slayer – Dwarf

Big beard? Massive axe? Reckless regard for their own safety? The Slayer is ticking all of our boxes. They’re super tough and super smashy and you’ll always find them in the middle of the action. You can pick a specialization to turn them into a pure DPS monster or a tank.

  • Dragon Slayer“Dual-weild axes for high sustained single-target damage and reliable critical strikes.” What’s cooler than one axe? Two axes, obviously. This is the DPS specialization and will see you slice a bloody swathe through your enemies.
  • Troll Slayer“AoE damage with taunts and damage resist using a 2-handed battleaxe.” This is the road to take if you want to tank. You’ll draw the enemy’s attention, soak up their damage and let your team do the killing.

Warrior Priest – Human

The Warrior Priest is a bit like a paladin, as their specializations are going to show. They’ve got a big hammer, which makes them pretty darn cool, and they can form the lynchpin of a really successful team.

  • Order of the Silver Hammer“Shield allies from enemies with taunts, crowd-control and defensive buffs.” If you want to make your Warrior Priest a tank, this is the specialization for you. Jump into the fray shouting about god and annoy all of the enemies into hitting you instead of your team. Smort.
  • Order of the Cleansing Flame“Support allies with powerful heals and crush enemies with a 2-handed hammer.” If you’re looking to heal your allies, then obviously this is the specialization for you. You’ll still get to whomp monsters with a giant hammer as well, which is a pretty good trade off.

Witch Hunter – Human

Probably the coolest of all of the classes, and the one with the least flexibility too. If you’re a Witch Hunter you’re going to be providing DPS or slightly different DPS to a team. But you get a sword and a pistol and an awesome hat. Definitely a good choice if you’re going to be playing on your own a lot.

  • Sigmarite Templar“Chain together skill combos to inflict devastating critical strikes.” Basically, the more damage you do, the more damage you’re going to do. This specialization sees you getting all up in the face and squishy parts of your foes.
  • Sanctioned Hunter“Wear down enemies with mid-ranged pistol attacks and debilitating bleeds.” This one puts you farther away from the slaughter, letting you use your pistol and a few sword swipes to cripple your foes. 

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