A new Event Quest has popped up on Dragon Quest that features Robbin’ ‘Oodlum. We figured you might have a lot of questions about the new monster, how to get them and whether or not it’s worth your while. And it’s those questions we’ve tried to answer in this here guide. 

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What are Robbin’ ‘Oodlum’s stats?

Robbin’ ‘Oodlum is a B Rank monster from the ??? family. Its primary role in your team is Attack. It’s not the most impressive of characters in the game, which isn’t too much of a surprise since it’s a B Rank. It’s got pretty standard stats across the board, and its base movement score is 2. 

Robbin’ ‘Oodlum mainly attacks with Woosh-type damage, with two of its three skills using that. Its other skill uses common or garden physical damage. Basically, Robbin’ ‘Oodlum is the sort of monster you’re happy to have in your team, but you’ll definitely replace it when you get something better.

How do I get Robbin’ ‘Oodlum?

You can bag yourself a Robbin’ ‘Oodlum from the bounty quest Brawl! Robbin’ ‘Oodlum. It’s an event quest, so you’ll find it in the event quest menu, surprisingly enough. The quest won’t unlock until after you’ve finished Story Chapter 8, Episode 9: Who’s  though, so make sure you complete that first if you’re after a Robbin’ ‘Oodlum.

Bear in mind that you’re not always going to get a Robbin’ ‘Oodlum when you play through the quest, so you might have to fight through a few times to try and snare one. You’ll get other rewards – XP and Gold – for completing the level, but you’ll need to jump back in if you don’t recruit a Robbin’ ‘Oodlum.

Is the Robbin’ ‘Oodlum event time limited?

Nope. This event quest is going to stick around forever now, so you can take it on at your own pace. It’s worth noting though that you won’t get any DQ 1 medals from completing the Brawl! Robbin’ ‘Oodlum quest though. Or, we imagine, any other event medals in upcoming events.

Is it worth getting a Robbin’ ‘Oodlum?

It definitely is if you’re a completionist – you can only get Robbin’ ‘Oodlum from this quest, or if you’re looking to build a strong team without paying any money. If you’re lacking a decent attacker in your team and you don’t want to go through the rigmarole of a Scout pulls then sure, try and bag yourself one.