Lumbercraft is a game that squished down the survival genre into a more hypercasual shape. You’re wandering around chopping up wood, building new structures and toughening up your equipment. It’s a game that manages to be pretty simple and pretty complex at the same time.

Which is why we’ve written this guide. It’s going to give you the best hints, tips and cheats that we’ve discovered during our time playing Lumbercraft. Newcomers are definitely going to find something helpful here and we reckon that more seasoned players will as well. It’s a lumberjack of all trades.

Whether you want to know what happens when you go through the portal, what your focus should be or how to get the best deal for your wood, we’ve got you covered here. So read on, you’ll be a Lumbercraft legend in no time at all.

Always be collecting

Your number one goal should always be collecting wood. Whether that’s in your own kingdom, or after you’ve finished a battle level. Remember that trees regrow, so you’ve always got a source of lumber. Check your sawmills regularly to get even more wood as well.

Upgrade often

You’ll want to be upgrading your offensive potentials whenever you can. Whether that’s your own attack and defense ratings, or the attack and defense ratings of your towers. The stronger you are, the more chance you’ve got of winning the battle levels and earning all of the rewards on offer.

Go through the portal

All of that brings us to this point. The battle levels through the portal are a great way to earn more gold and wood quickly, and they’re a lot of fun. They’re basically tower defense mini-games where you’re running around with a shield and an axe. Don’t get swarmed and you should do just fine. Even if you die you’ll just get dropped back into your kingdom with full health.

Watch for invaders

As you progress, invaders can come into your kingdom from the portal. Keep an eye on them and cut them down as quickly as possible. It’s not a terrible thing, because they’ll drop coins when they die. Remember to build your towers next to the portal to keep your city safe.

Get the best deal

Don’t just take the first deal the shop offers you for your wood. The game tells you whether the deals are good or bad, and sometimes you’ll find one that’s perfect. Check the three offers and if the last one isn’t the best, watch the video provided to get the perfect deal and earn the most for your collected wood.

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