It’s the question on everyone’s lips – what are the ten best monsters in Dragon Quest Tact right now? Well, we reckon it’s these ones. They’re the ones you should definitely be cheering about when you grab then in a Scout pull.

Some of them are going to lead your team to victory, others are going to be supporting players that bring their skills to bear in different ways. But if you get any of them you should consider yourself really, really lucky.


Dragonlord was added to the game in the first content update and has headed to the top of most player’s S-Rank wishlist. He’s a Magic-type character from the ??? family with a leader skill that raises the potency of your team’s Frizz spells by twenty percent.

Dragonlord’s True Form

The second new S-Rank monster added to the game, Dragonlord’s True Form is an impressive beast as anyone whose fought him will tell you. Like the Dragonlord he’s a ??? family member, but he’s focused on Attack instead of Magic. His Leader Skill lowers enemy defense by 20%, which is super handy.


Archdemon is an absolute beast, with high HP and a leader skill that reduces your MP costs by 10%. He’s from the Demon family and has a Magic role. It’s a toss up between these three – Dragonlord, Dragonlord’s True Form and Archdemon – for the accolade of best monster in the game. Consider them S+ Tier.

Great Dragon

The Great Dragon, as you might be able to guess, is part of the Dragon family. It takes on an Attack role in your team, and its leader skill adds power to any breath attacks. Got a Dragon team you’re building? Great Dragon should definitely be on there.

Emperor Slime

If you’re making a Slime family team it’d be silly not to have Emperor Slime on there. He’s a Support class monster that ups any other Slime’s defense stats by 30%. That’s an awesome boost, and makes Emperor Slime well worth using.

Wight King

The Wight King is a brilliant Undead family S-Rank monster to try and grab. His role in battles is a Magic dealer, and his stats aren’t the best. But, his Leader Skill gives a 10% boost to all spells, which is pretty darn useful.

Metal Dragon

Metal Dragon can act as a pretty awesome tank. It’s a member of the Inorganic family and has an Attack role. Its Leader Skill increases the potency of Whoosh attacks, but throw it into a battle and it’ll soak up damage like no one’s business.

Killing Machine

Killing Machine is an Inorganic Attacker. It’s a strong unit, but more of a secondary one than a leader. Its Leader Skill ups Crack-type physical attacks by 20%, which is a bit niche all told, but Killing Machine is a killing machine when used wisely.

Hell Gladiator

Hell Gladiator is pretty cool. I mean, it’s called Hell Gladiator, which is pretty flippin’ badass. He’s an Undead family Debuff machine. His Leader Skill knocks down enemy poison resistance by 50%, which is awesome if you’ve got loads of monsters that deal poison damage.


Is it a bird? Is it something else? Er, it’s kinda both. Hybird is a Nature family member with an Attack role. Its Leader Skill knocks down enemy resistance to Frizz by 25%. It’s got some decent stats too, and can be super useful at an DPS beast in tough scraps.

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