Word games are, quite often, some of the blandest games on mobile. There are exceptions, of course, but we bet you can’t think of the last time a mobile word game made you laugh out loud. We can – it was Kitty Letter (download from the App Store and Play Store).

The game comes from the same stable as Exploding Kittens and features, among other things, plenty of exploding kittens. You’re defending your home from a cat onslaught, and you’re doing it by making words from a series of letters.

These kitties come down lanes, represented by different letters. Got some kitties in the P lane? Then you’re going to have to come up with a P word to take them down. The higher scoring your word, the more kitties of your own you unleash.

There are deer as well. They wander around the level and leave presents that you can collect and use. Axes, food, forks, weird pug spiders, bottles of hot sauce. Chuck them into the fray and you’ll get an edge.

There’s a brief but hilariously entertaining single player campaign that’s filled with some of the best jokes we’ve seen on mobile in a long time. Listen to the deer sounds and try not to burst out laughing, we reckon it’s impossible.

Sure it’s puerile, but it’s also pretty darn smart, mixing together fun facts and learning with funny comments and ridiculous jokes. Where other word games are po-faced, Kitty Letter is anything but.

You can play arcade mode to take on an endless wave of kitties, or head online to play strangers and friends in quick-fire battles to the death. Last house standing wins.

There’s a wonderful sense of joy to Kitty Letter that’s hard to shake off. You’re going to be smiling when you’re just thinking about it. It’s fast, it’s stupid and it’s pretty darn smart as well. This is a word game that’s going to leave you grinning.

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