About Love and Hate 2 (download from the App Store) is a smart and sometimes infuriating game about pushing buttons. You’re in control of the titular Love and Hate, whose child accidentally pushed a big red button and disappeared. It’s up to you to solve a series of fiendish challenges and get them back.

During your adventure you’ll also come across the other ones. These are different black blobs that you need to use to achieve your goals. Lazy Ones, for example, can be enticed a block forward by Love or repelled a block backward by Hate.

The puzzles start off incredibly sedately. Move a bit, grab a coin, push the button, on to the next challenge. Pretty soon though things are getting much more complex and you need to think carefully about every move you make.

There’s a decent level of challenge here, and quite often you’re going to be making use of the undo button and the restart option. It usually only takes a couple of mistakes until you alight upon the solution though.

The controls are a little bit on the fiddly side. The camera, which you move around with gestures, never quite behaves as well as you’d like it to. Getting Love and Hate to do what you want can be quite annoying too, especially when you’re taking a more zoomed out view of the level.

These are pretty small niggles when held up alongside the glorious puzzling though. About Love and Hate 2 is going to test and probe your grey matter in some incredibly interesting ways. It’s never happy to rest on its laurels, constantly throwing in new twists to the formula.

About Love and Hate 2 is the sort of game you’re going to lose a solid day of your life to. You might not remember much of it when you put it down, but you’ll know you’ve been thoroughly entertained by the experience.

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