The ARPG or Action RPG genre is one that’s sometimes hard to define. In our heads, it means any game with RPG elements where you’re not fighting in turn-based battles. It’s a bit more complicated than that, but that’s the gist of it. However you define the genre though, we reckon you’re going to find a game you love in our list of the ten best ARPGs for mobile in 2021. 

We think we’ve covered most of the bases here – we’ve got games like Dark Souls, games like Zelda and games that you can play with your friends. Side-scrolling, top-down AND 3D. There’s even a 2.5D game thrown in for good measure. They’re all loads of fun and you should grab them all really.

Whichever you choose, you’re not going to be disappointed. So, without further ado, here are the ten best ARPGs for mobile in 2021. 

Wayward Souls

It’s been out for a while, but Wayward Souls isn’t just one of the best ARPGs on mobile, it’s one of the best ARPGs on any device. The combat is fast and furious, the challenge level sometimes verges on the ridiculous and when you die you’re going to jump back in with a determined grin on your face.

Pascal’s Wager

An ARPG in the Souls-like category. It’s a gorgeous looking 3D adventure packed full of horrifying monsters and other vile creatures, with a massive story and loads of extra content to sink your face into. This is console quality action in the palm of your hand and it’s worth every penny.

Dungeon Hunter 5

A hack-and-slash ARPG in the Diablo mold. You’re a weapon-wielding warrior taking on waves of gruesome beasts. Smash them up, collect some loot, move on to the next challenge. It doesn’t quite capture the glory of the games it apes, but it’s not too far off. 

Implosion: Never Lose Hope

Another top-down hack and slasher, this one paints itself in the aesthetic of the far future. So it’s laser swords instead of regular swords and monstrous robots instead of monstrous… monsters. It’s fast and furious in all the right ways and really looks gorgeous on your mobile device too.


Inspired by modern Zelda games, Oceanhorn sees you travelling through a gorgeous world, thwacking monsters, finding new gear and uncovering a pretty deep and engaging story. It’s a loving homage with some ideas of its own and it’s going to leave you wanting more. 

Quadropus Rampage

A brilliant and bonkers ARPG that sees you controlling a quadropus and going on a rampage. Slaughter everything that moves in a bunch of undersea dungeons, make your tentacles tougher and then head out it do it all over again.

Ittle Dew

Where Oceanhorn is inspired by modern Zelda games, Ittle Dew is inspired by classic Zelda games. Explore a series of islands, solve puzzles and fight enemies as you embark on a retro-tastic but modern-smart adventure. It’s a load of fun and it’ll warm your heart in all the right ways.

Titan Quest: Legendary Edition

Titan Quest: Legendary Edition gives you every bit of DLC that has ever come out for this gods-bothering hack and slasher. It’s a massive chunk of gaming goodness that’s going to keep you entertained for hours. And then for a few hours more. And it works brilliantly on mobile too.


A combat-focused action platformer with RPG elements. It’s grim and gloomy, as you might have been able to guess from the name, but it’s super entertaining too. There’s a decent challenge here and you’re going to have to perfect the combos if you want to survive. Grimvalor takes some work, but it’s work worth doing. 

Portal Knights

This one’s a co-operative sandbox action adventure. You’re building, you’re crafting and you’re exploring. You’re also whomping monsters and taking on huge monsters. It’s fun on your own, but it’s even better when you team up with some friends and really go nuts. 

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