The latest update to Dragon Quest Tact has added another new S Rank monster for you to collect. It’s called Dragonlord’s True Form and it’s an impressive beast. You’ve only got a limited time to bag yourself one, though.

That’s why we’ve written this guide. It’ll tell you everything you need to know about Dragonlord’s True Form, from its stats to where you can find one. We’ve also included some info about other parts of the new event to make sure you’re completely clued up.

Dragonlord’s True Form stats

  • Rank: S
  • Family: ???
  • Stats: HP 702, MP 294, ATK 319, DEF 247, AGL 213. WIS 172, Move 2
  • Base Perk: Dragonlord’s March – At the start of the battle raises move by 1 for 2 turns
  • Leader Perk: Lowers enemy defense by 20% in a 5×5 area
  • Abilities: Jet-Black Claws – Deals 195% potency Zam-type physical damage to 1 enemy; Fire – Major Frizz-type breath damage to all enemies in AOE; Dragon Swing – Deals 255% potency physical damage to all enemies in AOE

How to get Dragonlord’s True Form

The only way to get Dragonlord’s True Form is in the Dragonlord’s True Form SP Scout banner. You’ll find this on the scout page. One pull costs 300 gems or one ticket. It’s a better idea to save up 3000 gems for a 10x pull to get the stamps on your Scout Stamp card though.

Dragonlord’s True Form has a pull rate of 0.7% in the banner, so you’re still going to have to get lucky to grab yourself one.

What else is in the Dragonlord’s True Form banner?

The A Rank monster you can pull is the Dark Skeleton. It’s an Undead scrapper with some interesting numbers and a Leader Skill that grant a 15% defense boost to any undead within a 5×5 area.

That’s going to come in super handy if you’re building a team of undead, or if you’ve got a bunch of undead characters already in your squad. You’ve got a 2.8% chance of nabbing one of them when you make a Dragonlord’s True Form SP Scout banner pull.

Anything else I Should know?

The banner is only going to be live until March 24th, so you’ve got just over a month to grab yourself a Dragonlord’s True Form. The banner forms part of the Dragon Quest I Event Part 2, so there are some other goodies to collect too.

You’ll get extra login bonuses for a few days thanks to the event and there’s a new boss battle quest that you can engage in too.

For even more info on Dragon Quest Tact, click here to check out our complete guide.