Dragon Quest Tact is an amazing game – if you don’t believe us you can check out our review here – but it’s also a pretty difficult one. Which is why we thought we’d write up this list of five brilliant hints, tips and cheats to help out new players. 

We’ve already talked about the best monsters in the game here, and the easiest ways to reroll your starting characters here. Follow the hints, tips and cheats in this strategy guide and you’ll find yourself getting even better at Dragon Quest Tact.

Levelling up is the best way to get tougher monsters

There are a number of ways to strengthen your team of monsters in Dragon Quest Tact, but the one that gives you the best bang for your buck is simply levelling them up. Statistically, this is going to get you the best attribute boosts as you play, so it’s what you should be focusing on.

Look to things like the Battle Road to increase monster XP. You’re going to get plenty of XP scrolls, so make sure you use them when you can. There are plenty of ways to get more monster XP, so keep an eye out for them and you’ll soon have the toughest monsters possible.

Always complete your event quests

Event quests are a great way to grab extra goodies. Right now the launch event is offering up Scout tickets, which let you pull new monsters. Find the Event Quest menu and check what you need to do – it updates daily, so you’re always going to have something to do.

We reckon the Event Quests are always going to offer up some amazing goodies, so check back even when the launch event is over to find even more treats to help you out in your Dragon Quest Tact adventure.

You need support characters

You don’t just want to build up a team that hurls out physical damage, you’re going to need support characters too. These can heal their teammates, buff up your team’s powers and nerf the opposition. 

Team composition is the key to succeeding in Dragon Quest Tact, so look for support characters that can add an extra layer to your play. These characters can come from the lower tiers, so long as you know how to utilize them properly. 

Save your player XP scrolls

Levelling up your player rank is obviously a good idea, but you don’t have to do it as soon as you’ve got the option. Instead, it’s a good idea to wait until you run out of stamina. Why? Because a player level up refills your stamina.

The stamina doesn’t stack either, so you won’t be able to go over the limit. That means upgrading when you don’t need stamina is a little bit of a waste. Think carefully about how you do everything in Dragon Quest Tact and you’ll do just fine.

Think about leader perks

The leaders of your teams should have leader perks that help out the rest of your monsters. Sometimes this means packing a team full of monsters of the same kind to get the most out of the leader’s perk. Other times, it means picking the right leader to reflect the style of the team. 

Leader perks can be super useful in tougher battles, so wasting them, or not assigning a leader with a perk, is a really bad idea. Experiment with the skills your leaders have, and see which combination gives you the best results.

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