We love a good text adventure, and all indications are that Serania – Path of the Scion is a very good text adventure indeed.

Created by solo developer Peter Ravnholt, this game is a classic passion project. A huge amount of love, energy, and talent went into its production, and the effort paid off when Serania – Path of the Scion hit the Danish App Store in soft-launch and scored rave reviews. 

Now it’s launching globally. 

The game sees you playing as a simple villager in a complicated situation. The king’s Blackblades – a crack squad of sword-wielding enforcers – have come after you, forcing a hasty escape. 

As you try to work out what’s going on you’ll gradually learn more and more about the dramatic events surrounding your ancestry. It seems you’re not just a simple villager after all. 

Throughout your adventure you’ll find friends, discover forgotten places, complete side missions, and generally push the story on towards its climactic conclusion. 

Gameplay-wise, Serania – Path of the Scion presents you with an innovative new system of choices and sub-choices, along with traditional RPG features like inventory management and combat. 

Yep, Serania – Path of the Scion is a text adventure with fight scenes, using the game’s progressive flow text system to keep the pace high and the action unpredictable. You can fight against multiple opponents or just one, alone or with your own gang for backup. 

There’s a huge variety of NPCs to interact with, too, allowing you to gather information and pick up new side-quests. 

Serania – Path of the Scion takes place in a huge open world made up of 80 evocatively rendered locations that gradually become available as you move forward through the story. You can move freely between these locations while gaining experience and completing missions. 

In other words, it plays a lot like a conventional fantasy-RPG, but with one difference: the whole thing is delivered in the form of short, punchy, fast-moving chunks of text, like those glorious text adventures of yore. 

Serania – Path of the Scion is free to download on the App Store and Google Play, with a $3.99 IAP to unlock the full story.