There are a lot of money-making apps on the App Store, but Pocket7Games looks to be a bit different from the pack. A platform with games including Bingo, Solitaire, Blackjack, and Bubble Shot it offers up a well presented all-in-one experience that you won’t find elsewhere.

We talked to the game’s product manager Jamie Leung about Pocket7Games and its titles – as well as its links to charity projects and future plans for the platform.

What kind of games are in your development pipeline for 2021? Are there any new games that are soon to be released?

We plan to roll out 20 new games in 2021, each with its own unique design new to the market. Fruit Frenzy is currently being Beta-tested and soon to be released, for instance. We are confident players will enjoy the combination of match-3 and bingo.

What kind of games do you think work best on the platform?

The most popular games on the platform are bingo games and card games. In 2021, we will continue our focus on what we’re good at – such as card titles, while also exploring new genres like sports, tower defence, and word games.

Pocket7Games has launched some charity events – how did they get started and what are your current & future plans in this area? 

We feel we must make contributions to improve our society – especially as society is the foundation of any business, particularly ours. Charitable contributions are one of the ways we can achieve that.

We’re trying our best to give back, so we run charity events regularly – and aim to give more to charity as we grow. In our previous two charity events we’ve made donations to ASPCA to help animals because our players are animal lovers. I mean, who isn’t?

How does the 1-on-1 mode work currently, and how have you perfected it over recent months? 

Every player is associated with a numeric value — or what we call a “skill value” — that represents their gaming capabilities. Skill value is an important indicator used in matching. We believe that two players with the same skill value each have a 50% chance of winning if they compete in the same level of the same game.

We have been working on optimizing the matching system to make sure that the skill value truly represents your ability. Some of the questions we consider include whether skill value increases rapidly when someone’s skills are quickly improving, if it drops when a player hasn’t played for a while, and whaat the skill value should be for a new player. Matching also needs to be different for different game categories. We’re constantly fine-tuning our matching system using match data.

What was the biggest challenge in the development of Pocket7Games last year?

The biggest challenge last year was the need to constantly optimize the matching system. The goal of the matching system was to find two players of similar skill level, so that everyone has the chance to win.

The closer the 2 players’ skills are, the better experience they will have in a match. But with such a big player base, matching two people purely via their skill level was no simple task. 

When Pocket7Games first launched in 2019, we received feedback from players on the matching system – with some complaining they were matched with far more skilled opponents. We have always listened to our players though, so our tech team have constantly focused on improving the core of the game. Now instead of receiving complaints about the matching system, we’re seeing players discussing the fun challenges.

What are you personally most proud of when it comes to Pocket7Games? 

Now it’s been a year and a half since the launch of the app, and we have always been able to produce an updated version every other week and launch a major addition every quarter. These additions include a task system where player’s activities are recorded and rewarded, Multiplayer matches, Spin & Go which allows players to win extra prizes, and Speedy Skirmish and Cash Miner – options which help encourage community and offer further rewards.

We believe a truly great product is not just released and left on the App Store. It requires constant updates, and these are the reason why Pocket7Games has managed to be so successful.

Apart from the above, how else will you improve Pocket7Games this year?

In 2021, there are a few areas we’re looking to improve on. The first is making the user experience even slicker – including easier matching and withdrawal experiences. There’s also the user interface, which we’re always looking to tweak and perfect.

We’re also adding more features of course, with the possibility of social integration and the chance to highlight players’s achievements.

Get on board for these changes and much more by downloading Pocket7Games via the App Store.