There’s something about spotting and matching stuff that lights up the brain’s pleasure center like a freaking firework display. It’s the basis for the entire casual puzzle game genre, as well as the Where’s Waldo? empire. 

Match Two Rivals, from Proper Job Games, takes a dollop of matching and a heap of spotting, and combines them with competition against human players in real time for actual cash prizes. The result is an unbelievably thrilling and addictive casual puzzler. 

Here’s how it works. You’re presented with a screenful of jumbled up objects, such as cars, letters, steaks, items of furniture, kitchenware, fire trucks, various emojis with different expressions, and more. There are hundreds and hundreds of objects in the roster, ensuring Match Two Rivals will never become repetitive.

Each of these items has a twin somewhere in the jumble, and you need to tap one and then the other to eliminate them both from the screen. 

This might sound like a straightforward task, but it’s harder than it sounds. For a start, the objects are packed closely together, overlapping in places, and always presented in different orientations. 

Plus, a lot of them look quite similar. When you’re in a rush, it can be difficult to tell an upside-down frowning emoji with eyebrows from a frowning emoji on its side with no eyebrows. 

Meanwhile, as you’re trying to find the pairs on your screen against the clock another player somewhere else in the world is trying to do exactly the same with an identical screen. You’re in a race with each other, and the first to cross the finish line wins a cash prize via the Skillz competitive multiplayer platform.

There are other ways to increase your score, too, such as keeping a streak going, finishing within the time, using boosts, and so on.

To keep things fair, you’ll always be matched with a player at a similar level of skill. And don’t worry if you live in a state where prize tournaments aren’t allowed – Match Two Rivals lets you play for virtual currency too. 

Download it for free right now on the App Store. The game’s official site is here too.