MU Origin 2 has just been updated to version 5.0. To celebrate this huge milestone, developer Webzen has added a ton of new features and tweaks.

For a start, there’s a new Equipment Rune, which opens up when you reach level 280 and gives you bonus stats in battle. Runes come in two flavors (ATK and DEF) and you can enhance them just like any other equipment items. You pick them up through Item Draws, defeating monsters in the abyss, and so on. 

Speaking of monsters, there’s a new one to defeat. Elemental Elite Monsters appear in certain maps with set entry level limits, and each of them has one of five different elemental properties. Defeating one nets you various items. 

The Elemental Stigma Summon system, meanwhile, lets you summon a special Elemental Stigma after reaching MI 1Lv 400. To do this you’ll need Stigma Points, which you can obtain at Elemental Dungeons.

For the VIP Warriors among you, there’s now a new Abyss Altar. You enter it by using Diamonds after hitting VIP level 5 and normal level 280. 

Next up, Guild Battle and Abyss Battle have been renewed as a tournament format, with a new registration process. 

The Guild that submits the most Loren Seal and Abyss Badges qualifies to enter a Guild Battle against a randomly chosen opponent, with each match consisting of two rounds lasting 15 minutes each. 

Those are just the headlines. There are too many tweaks and additions to cover here, but the highlights include a max level increase to Master VIII 100Lv (1199), a new Alamos Island map in the Abyss, new Tier 16 equipment for each class, and a new Guardian Pet called Monkey King.

Plus, Devil Square and Blood Castle have new stages, the Tower of Allegiance now goes up to floor 50, and Divinity now goes up to Tier 9. We could go on all day. 

To check out MU Origin 2 5.0, download it for free right now on the Google Play Store and the App Store.